Meet Dr Adair

Who is Doctor Adair?

Curriculum Vitae
1. Clackamas High School graduate: 1971. Marshall High two years. Before that: St Peters Grade School at SE 87th and Foster.
2. Portland State University, BS, 1983….applied late because I thought about taking more courses and avoid higher tuition.
3. Oregon Health Science University Dental School graduate, DMD, 1981.
4. Participation Study Clubs=treating patients under expert dentist teachers
a. Endodontics=root canals:468 hours of treating patients. Fifteen consecutive years of once a month, four hours: Sept to May. Mostly Dr Pappin, some Dr Mounce.
b. Periodontics=gum disease: 494 hours of treating patients. Three different study clubs: Adams, Schwartz, McAllister
c. Removable Prosthodontics=dentures and partials:250 hours of treating patients drs Jacobsen, Clark and Heen
d. Cast gold restorations=conservative gold inlays, crowns and onlays: 400 hours of treating patients Tucker gold with Dr Barry Evans
e. Aesthetic restorations=pretty white teeth and fillings:180 hours of treating patients AGD participation with Dr Harry Albers
g. Oral surgery: 60 hours of treating patients. AGD participation with Dr Karl Koerner, another one I cannot remember
5. Didactic continuing education hours:
a. 4 weeks of Pankey Institute training.
b. 12 days of Peter Dawson courses.
c. 12 days of Kois/Spears courses.
d. 20 years of attending the annual Washington State Dental Association Conventions courses. This would amount to 240 lecture hours.
e. 10 years of attending the annual American Dental. Association Convention. This would comprise 240 lecture hours.
f. Listened to lectures from .mp3 files:
a. 2003, 2004 ADA convention lectures, over 1000 hours.
b. 2004 AAE convention lectures, over 200 hours.
c. Chicago Midwinter Meeting mp3 files 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015: 1040 hours.
g. Dr Scott Dyer implant treatment planning: 39: two hour sessions. Also 5 days of lectures.
H. Dr McAllister led implant courses 120 lecture hours

Most of my hours of CE have been recorded by the AGD, or the ADA or the CE department of the Oregon Dental School. You can check around if you wish. My license #5850. My ADA # 141810615.

I am a CE junkie, ask around.

Work history:
age 7-16: paper route for the Reporter and then the Oregon Journal
age 9-14: picked berries and beans
age 16: Oxbow Park trail crew for Metro for the summer
age 17-24: City of Portland Park Bureau Seasonal Park worker for the summer
age 19-22: winter part time work: TimFab as a structural draftsman

Family History:
I was born in 1953 of deaf parents, second of four kids. My mom died of breast cancer in 1982. My dad is 91 and lives in a rest home in Oregon City since he is so weak. Older brother Mike: severely retarded, died 2016. Sister Rose retired 2014 after teaching deaf kids for 32 years in Tucson, Arizona. Brother Rudy retired from mixing paint and lives next door to sister Rose. I got married in 1982 to Kristina. We hired Kristina’s daughter, Lilian, in 1994. Lilian has three boys: Thor, Lars and Magnus. We went swimming every week for many years. Thor and Lars have both worked in the office figuring out our hardware and software.